We turned Apulian tradition into art!

We have come a long way in the frozen food sector since 1983!

Our history, made up of trial and error experiences, as well as attention to and selection of ingredients in the frozen foods sector, marries the tradition of the Apulian panzerotto and appetizers ( OR, “ITALIAN-STYLE/ITALIAN APERITIF”, which today are known the world over.


Our brand tells a story made up of small culinary secrets handed down by our family: from dough leavening and processing, to our very rich filling. Every single frozen product, from panzerottini to arancini, from croquettes to meat loaves, embodies love and tradition.  

We started as a small family business in the 1980s, and have been going non-stop ever since. Over time, we have consistently relied innovative and highly technological machinery, honing expertise in the most modern processing and storage techniques for products intended for the Frozen Food sector, and standing ready to set the tables of Italians with a wide range of high-quality frozen products.

Our business philosophy has always embraced the love for tradition and respect for the environment. Indeed, since 2012, our Company has been using sustainable electricity produced from renewable sources. We installed 2000 square meters of photovoltaic panels on the roof of our production building, which produce 190 kilowatts per hour, thus allowing us to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

La nostra filosofia di business abbraccia da sempre non solo l’amore per la tradizione ma anche il rispetto per l’ambiente. Dal 2012, infatti, l’azienda fa leva sull’utilizzo di energia elettrica sostenibile, prodotta da fonti rinnovabili. Sul tetto dell’edificio di produzione sono stati installati 2000 mq di pannelli fotovoltaici che producono 190 kilowatt all’ora, permettendo di abbattere considerevolmente i valori di CO2 dispersi nell’ambiente.

Large-Scale Distribution

The “desire” to grow and bring our high-quality frozen foods to the tables of the most attentive consumers, has led the ‘Na Voglia brand alongside the largest players in the Large-Scale distribution industry.  

Our trucks depart every day from Puglia to bring the best of our Made-in-South tradition to your trusted supermarkets and enliven family celebrations like parties, birthdays, family meals, dinners and lunches in the company of your friends, with our rich and assorted frozen oven rotisserie.

XVI secolo
An ancient history
Kneading is an art that only our grandmothers have been able to pass down to us. We put wisdom and experience in our doughs that smell of history and little secrets.
XVI secolo
Castellana grotte
It was born in the heart of Apulia, rich in history and tradition.
It is the year of Putignano
We move to Putignano in the craft area to develop our recipes.
We use modern technology but have not forgotten the processing of the dough, as good as once!