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Na Voglia is a brand specialized in the production and processing of frozen foods for the frozen food sector of large-scale and organized distribution.

For forty years we have been producing oven-ready snacks for your aperitifs with friends and at home, according to rigorous Apulian tradition and pure Italian craftsmanship, bringing the best of the highest quality frozen rotisserie to your table.

The varied production offer is divided into seven main product lines, from the Apulian panzerotti to the Neapolitan crocchè, from the Sicilian arancini to the Campanian meatballs, enriched by different versions of fillings and united by the desire to spread a blending of a fast meal with traditional gastronomy from Southern Italy, also satisfying the needs of lactose intolerant consumers.

Na Voglia is skill in the processing of frozen food, a passion for the culinary tradition of Southern Italy, and a guarantee of quality in the choice of raw material.

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